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IT Consulting & Professional IT Services

Technology Advice, Practical Solutions, Real Results

Let us become your trusted technology advisers. Having the right technology, people and processes in place in order to accomplish your business goals. That is what true IT Consulting is all about, and we at Kincaid aim to offer IT consulting services in the truest form.

Kincaid Network Solutions offers reliable, effective consulting for all your IT needs at an affordable price. Our IT consulting and computer support services allow you to reduce your in-house resources and avoid those nagging IT headaches. From network implementation and design to data security, support services, network evaluation and server disaster recovery, we're on your side.

Whatever your business, we help you achieve your business goals by making technology work for you. Our IT consulting services can mold to whatever you need, helping to create an IT plan for the future of your business, designing a network for your company or consulting when there is an emergency situation - plus much more.

Our consulting services include:

  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Virtualization
  • Network & Data Security
  • Emergency Support Services
  • Project Planning & Project Management
  • And more. Just ask!

Contact us today for more information about the IT consultation services that we offer.

Happy End-Users Are Productive End-Users

We all know that keeping end-users happy and productive is one of the most challenging issues facing IT departments or small business owners. Personal computers, email, the Internet and mobile devices have made the business environment literally 24x7. Expectations are higher than ever for availability and accessibility to you and to your information.

Managing these expectations is a combination of having the right people and the right technologies to support your users. Kincaid's team of support specialists can provide the support you need to keep your desktop applications (and your users) running smoothly.

We can help your business make sure that you have the best technologies for your needs right at your fingertips - and help make sure that all the appropriate gadgets and gizmos are set up properly to avoid disaster in the future, from creating major IT and server disaster recovery plans for your business to making sure that all the software that you need is properly installed.

Contact us for:

  • Desktop Sales
  • Desktop Repair
  • Hardware & Software Installation
  • End-user Training & Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mail Systems